Friday, November 12, 2004


The rest of the pictures (well, most of them)

OK, I promised them and here they are. Same rule as before, reverse chronological order (roughly) from top to bottom (so best viewed from bottom to top). You might notice that some of them fall between earlier ones, as I had limited space and time while on tour and so I had to select sparingly - thus the earlier ones here fill in spaces in time between those I first posted. I have not selected those which show me in the best light as a photographer (that will be obvious enough from looking at them!) but rather those which I think best capture the sights/events/atmosphere/whatever. Also I need no reminding that those who've had lots of practice smiling for cameras are better at it than me. This is by no means a complete view of the tour. Perhaps it could be filled in a bit more by also putting in video stills, but that will take much much longer (and may in fact never be done here). But for what it's worth, I hope you enjoy these pics.



Poster on a wall near CST train station, Mumbai, indicating a newspaper's take not only on English but Ganguly's "injury"

Skippy feels the heat during the 4th Test, Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai

The slow way of mopping up the water on the covers, 4th Test, Wankhede Stadium Mumbai

Justin Langer and me, Diplomat Hotel roof, Mumbai

Me and Jason Gillespie, Diplomat Hotel roof, Mumbai

Adam Gilchrist and me, Diplomat Hotel roof, Mumbai

Simon Katich and me, at the Flag pre-match dinner function on the roof of the Diplomat Hotel Mumbai, eve of 4th Test

Sparrow and crew chat with some certain Aussie blokes who are pretty good at cricket

One of those REALLY STUPID balloons, and its seller, Mumbai

More delightful young faces, Mumbai

A monument somewhere in Mumbai

Glenn McGrath and me, Taj Mahal Hotel lobby, Mumbai

Sharing a few quiet ones on the roof of the Skylark, Nagpur

View of a huge mosque from the roof of the Skylark hotel, Nagpur (looks more brightly lit than it is)

Party time! Heritage hotel roof, Nagpur (again) after THAT victory!

You beauty! The looks say it all - Left to right: Mark, myself and Sparrow after the sensational 3rd Test victory, Heritage Hotel roof, Nagpur

A priceless moment - Michael Kasprowicz bowls to a rare field setting, 3rd Test day 4, VCA ground Nagpur

Photograph enthusiasts in Nagpur (they're not hard to find anywhere in India!)

Late afternoon on Central Avenue, Nagpur

Looking out over what they like to call a park in Nagpur

Park cricket, Nagpur

A closer look at the sun going down over Nagpur - yes, the weather is fine and this is how it looks every day

Watching the sun go down on the roof of the Heritage Hotel, Nagpur

A couple of delightful young faces (centre) and Mark (left), VCA ground Nagpur

Skippy watches with eager anticipation, 3rd Test, VCA ground Nagpur

Clarkie gets some much needed slips catching practice

Aussies warm up for day 1 of the 3rd Test, VCA ground Nagpur

Sparrow and Wisden outline the Flag's game plan for the 3rd Test, pre-match dinner function, Nagpur

Elephant on a truck, on the roads of southern India

Mettur Dam, near Mettur, Southern India

Rice paddie, southern India

More southern India mountains

Southern India mountains

Spot the taste of home, Chennai

Canoes (or some similar thing), Marina Beach Chennai

Looking south along Marina Beach, Chennai

Kids at Marina Beach, Chennai

Scenery from the train, on the way from Bangalore to Chennai

Post-match formalities, Chinnaswamy Stadium Bangalore

An empty threat...

The best sight on tour thus far!

Catching up with some news during a break in play, Chinnaswamy Stadium Bangalore

A rather good looking scoreboard, day 2 Bangalore

More flag wavers, 1st Test, Bangalore

Warming up for the 1st Test, Bangalore

We all gather excitedly for the 1st Test, Chinnaswamy Stadium Bangalore

View from top of Rawar's Inn, Bangalore - venue of pre-match Flag dinner function

Bangalore street scenery

Billboard in Bangalore

Another platform...

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